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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

Amish Tony Hawk

#53332 3 years, 2 months ago

So I tried to avoid Hurricane Irene and drove about 80 miles west of Phila. to Lancaster. I thought I was avoiding the storm , but the woman was so enormous in size that she stretched all the way to Lancaster with wind and buckets of rain. I mainly wanted to just get out cause there are some huge trees in my yard that could easily have crushed my house, and me.

So while in Amish country, I saw the Amish riding in carriages pulled by horse and the beautiful countryside with large fields of corn and hay as far as the eye can see. It was really nice to get out of babylon and be around such a simple way of living. I noticed something very cool while driving around town. A man was riding a contraption that appeared to be a bike by the size of the tires, but he was scootin by like he was pushing a kids scooter. It was a scooter !!! I then saw a woman in a dress and a bonett in her hair riding one. It was so cool. They were really gettin it in speed ! So its a scooter with large wheels. And they were carrying groceries in a basket on the front. I have to get one. It seems not only more fun than a bike, but actually seems to require less energy than a bike. I asked a guy at the store about them. He said he tried one once and gave it like 3 pushes and there was a slight hill and he ended up riding without pushing for almost a mile 1/2 ! They just look like so much fun - I Have to get one. And convienently...the Amish ship them right to your door...LoL !!
So it looked like Amish Tony Hawk's all over town ...or maybe that Tony had been there to help them craft such a cool scooter. Yeah, i know tony isnt a proff. scooter rider, really?.... But when they were pushin with one foot it really looked like they were skating...the two use the same exact form. So it was really funny and more so just cool as hell.

Thank god i got home and all utilities were working and only a few limbs down. Too bad about the child and man in NC who were killed by fallin trees. Gotta count our blessings. Have a good one yall -
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Re: Amish Tony Hawk

#53340 3 years, 2 months ago
Ok intothesun, I have to admit your story is pretty cool.

And so are the scooters:)

incidentally, I am curious... is Tony's Amish war buddy somehow connected with all of this?
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