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What About Japan?

#5314 3 years, 6 months ago
Of course everyone here knows about the earthquakes, the flooding, the nuclear dissasters and everthing else that those poor people have been through. I'm just wondering if there isn't something this community can do to help. We're a reasonably conscientious group. We're certainly compassionate. Isn't there some way to focus that love in a Far East direction?

On his web site, Keith Richards is offering a nice t shirt. Phish has a full Japanese concert from 1999 available via download and CD. Naturally, all the profits from each of these products will go to Japan. Is there anything Furthur or the Dead can do in this vein? I realize both Phish and the Stones have spent a lot more time in that country but this is truly a crisis of global proportions.

Hunter Thompson once said something to the effect that If every Deadhead who lived in Florida had voted, Al Gore would have been elected president. We certainly were an important factor in Obama's victory; Penn State proved that. I think we can have a tangible impact here with the proper motivation.

I'm not some starry eyed dreamer who thinks musicians can solve the world's problems. Music solves most of the problems in my head and I'm grateful enough for that. But this seems to me a prime opportunity to put some love in a dream so that it might come true.

And if anybody reads this and has an idea how that might be accomplished I, for one, would love to hear it.
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Re: What About Japan?

#5378 3 years, 6 months ago
There has been a lot going on in the world, yes? And within our community, just in this month alone. Sometimes all one can do is pray and act positively with what God gives one to do.

I don't have personal experience raising money for relief efforts ( I am sure someone here does); however, the people here have been very supportive with their prayers and good vibes for Japan. I thank Further so very much for the Good Vibe "Nuclear Sandwich" show. I know in my heart that helped!

We have a personal interest in finding our friend Miki Saito. She is a deadhead artist from Japan whose work you may recognize from 1990s Relix covers, etc. In addition, my sister-in-law,( who is Korean), and my brother were in the air on their flight from Germany to Japan when the Earthquake hit...they were rerouted...my sister-in-law became so emotionally concerned about her Japanese in-laws that she started bleeding from her kidneys and had to be taken to the hospital when they landed.

I am sure countless here have a story...but it is nothing compared to what the people in Japan are going through.

I know in my heart, that whatever Miki's fate, she would not want their fate in be in vain. She often talked with me about "The Rainbow tribe" "the Deadheads" "the People of Peace" and understood the transformative power of Love. She believes we are key in unlocking that power. It is time to be alive on this planet, to respect what the Creator has provided, to truly Love.

We pray for Japan

We Love You
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