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Junior Boarder

Re: Song line brings most applause

#51787 3 years ago
SunshineSue wrote:
maredwar wrote:
I did not know that. Does he actually sing "dog star"? I've always heard "dark star". I'll have to listen to a few versions now.

He really does sing "dog", but the two words sound so much alike that it's easy to hear whichever one you're singing in your head. : )

Once in a while you get shown the light...
Senior Boarder

Re: Song line brings most applause

#51797 3 years ago
Thank you friends for the many excellent examples. I noticed that Furthur crowds don't seem to respond the same way to the key lines or solos as GD crowds but maybe time and space have amplified the applause in ma head. One crowd roar that will always be with me was the Dead at the Gorge in 2004 'leaving Texas, fourth day of Juuliiii ie.' also I bought the sound board and always get a smile when I listen to the crowd roar after that one.
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