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8/20/11 Folks Festival setlist....

#51304 3 years, 2 months ago
I wasn't there.... this is info from other sites

Bob Weir, Chris Robinson, and Jackie Greene
Folks Festival, Lyons, CO
August 20, 2011

new speedway boogie (Jackie v.1, Chris v.2, Bob v.3)
friend of the devil
ramble on rose
when i paint my masterpiece
catfish john (Bob and Chris lead vocals)
tell me mama Tell Me Right (Jackie lead vocals)
appaloosa (Chris lead vocals)
big bad blues
peggy-o (Chris lead vocals)
uncle john's band
china cat sunflower
i know you rider

e. ripple

--I imagine Bob took lead on everything not mentioned, looks like a great show I wish I could of went. Also mentioned is that it went from 9:04-11:06 when originally it was suposed to be 1.5 hours until 10:30.
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Re: 8/20/11 Folks Festival setlist....

#51316 3 years, 2 months ago
Damn, wish I could have gotten tickets.

I hit up Yonder at Red Rocks instead though, so can't really complain.
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