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Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#50943 3 years, 2 months ago
Why is this not here on the forum? It has to be but I could find... so here:

Grateful Dead's Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax project after signs posted near his Ross home

A proposed Fairfax music venue was dropped from a Town Council agenda Wednesday at the request of Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, who was unnerved by signs opposing the project posted in his Ross neighborhood.

The council had been set Wednesday night to discuss Lesh's proposed 8,250-square-foot Terrapin Crossroads "music barn" at 2000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in Fairfax. The plan calls for a two-story wood and glass barn-like building on the site of a former gas station and auto repair shop, next to the Good Earth Organic & Natural Foods store.

Lesh, 71, asked that the item be pulled from the agenda due to actions taken by opponents, said Lesh's wife, Jill. She said someone posted signs reading "No Terrapin, Please," along her husband's normal morning walking route near their home in Ross.

"They must have done it in the middle of the night after watching where he walks," she said Wednesday. "It felt a little weird and creepy."

Officials didn't know who had posted the signs.

Fairfax Town Manager Michael Rock said, "Nobody put their name on it. It's a cowardly act."

Jill Lesh said she and her husband were also disturbed that opponents put negative fliers on cars that were parked at St. Rita's Church in Fairfax during a child's funeral. Lesh has proposed paying St. Rita's to use some of its parking during performances at Terrapin Crossroads.

"We didn't want to start off this way," Jill Lesh said. "There are lots of other places we could go. We just really like Fairfax. We thought we could really do some things that would benefit the town."

The Town Council had been scheduled to hold its initial public discussion of the project Wednesday night and determine the scope of a traffic study that would assess the impact of the project on traffic congestion and parking.

"We haven't had one public meeting yet on this issue and people are already putting up signs," Rock said.

Fairfax Councilman Lew Tremaine said, "It's frustrating. You think you've raised the level of political discourse in the community and then you get this crap. Let's not be childish."

The 500-person capacity venue would present a maximum of 100 shows a year by Lesh's Friends and Ramble bands. Some Fairfax residents are concerned that the facility would be too large for the town.

"They're talking about a 500-person venue in a town with 7,500 people," said Ed Tilton, who lives on Claus Circle, near where the project would be built.

David Smadbeck, co-president of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, said Fairfax residents who live near where the Good Earth Organic & Natural Foods is moving, at 720 Center Blvd., voiced similar skepticism about the grocery store initially.

"We want communities that are immediately impacted to have a say," Smadbeck said, "but not to hijack the proceedings."

Smadbeck said the chamber will host a Town Hall meeting on the Terrapin Crossroads project at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 1 at the Fairfax Pavilion, at 142 Bolinas Road.

"There is a lot of support for the project in the community," Smadbeck said.

Quite the discussion here:
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51185 3 years, 2 months ago
guess its not the right town. But most likely its a few weirdos that reside there that think they own the place. The west coast has alot of plastic people, even if they dont use plastic surgery. I hope it works out. But if its not appreciated as it should be for the community to be richened, maybe somewhere else. Terrapin station stadium can be in my hometown any day of the year!!! San rafael and ukiah are nice places. My heart is still in santa cruz, but that town is kinda agro in a way. i was chillin on west cliff with some surfers and they found out i was eating a slice of pizza on east cliff earlier that very same day. I almost got tossed into the sea. So i stay at Cow's beach in the middle when surfin...the waves are smaller too....im a nauvis rider anyway. lol But as far as snowbaording goes.....anywhere on the mountain is fine with me. maybe santa cruz would be a good pace for terrapin. somewhere it would be appreciated


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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51189 3 years, 2 months ago
saw this over on philzone before...

fuck those people, it's probably such a small minority worried about petty things...phil may not be 'goin back to ol' fairfax, i do believe he's had enough'...we'll see...but really i think that if he wants to emulate what levons got going on...ditch the town type thing, get out in the woods, deep where bullshit like that wouldn't be a problem...works really well for levon..
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51195 3 years, 2 months ago
My advice for the Lesh's.....hire a lawyer let him/her fight your battles. No need to be "stressin" in your golden years. I have always felt like if I'm not welcome F U I'll go somewhere I am. Hint: Get out a cali. Checkout the eastern panhandle of WV. Not a far drive from DC , Baltimore., Philly...........Rural is where a "barn" should be. My 2 cents........
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51217 3 years, 2 months ago
my advice is to due the whole thing up here in NOR CAL (mendocino coast would be awsome). even if its a small percentage if some of the community is against it, fuck it, do it else where, there are places( here in northern cali.) that would LOVE to have such a venue. i believe phil even ownd a home up here in the 70s. so yeah, it might have been kewl to have it right around the corner from your home, but if you live around a bunch of rich conservatives (i have no idea where phil lives) might not be the best place. seriously Phil, you know Cali., you know where it should be. "the compass always points to terrapin"aka north.
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51229 3 years, 2 months ago
There's a lot of quiet towns that wouldn't want a bar/theater that holds 750 playing 100 shows a year.

The discourse began when the press started reporting the details. And last time I heard, signs properly placed are a legal form of speech/protest.

Still rooting for Terrapin Landing, just hope he finds the right spot.
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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51231 3 years, 2 months ago
SLOW turtle crossing

Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51235 3 years, 2 months ago
Any small town is gonna have an issue with a music venue opening up. Gonna have to look in a town with way more than 5000 people I would bet. Some people hit a certain age and thier favorite passtime becomes making sure everyone elses fun is diminished.
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51314 3 years, 2 months ago
Hay Phill,
I think you should follow the path of least resistance. Go where they are gonna fling the doors wide open for you in unison. Heck, with this economy you could very well buy yourself a whole town. ( I think there was one in Mich or Ohio for sale 2 weeks ago) You could be mayor and sheriff, set your own rules if any. Or come on out to Utica NY! wE GOT plenty of potential. A venue like yours is what we could use to put us back on the map.

Within an hour circumfrence you have:
Utica College
suny it
hamilton college
colgate university
Syracuse University

The Utica Aud isnt doin much outside of area college hockey games

The Stanley Theater is still promoting artsy fartsy stuff which no one wants to see, which is why they went bankrupt and then recieved tax payer money to keep them going and are still promoting artsy fartsy stuff no one wants to see. So you could probably pick that up for a good deal. Its probably just a matter of time before it happens again.
When Bobby came through with Ratdog in Nov. 4 2006, they played the Stanley and the venue ran out of beer......that's histerical because the Saranac Brewery is just 5 blocks away. Which shows what kind of business minds are at work here.

The Saranac Brewing Co.....Aka Matt Brewing co.

Just an idea, though I know its far fetched
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Re: Lesh postpones discussion of Fairfax Venue

#51321 3 years, 2 months ago
I think this thing should be built at an old summer camp in the woods. Maybe there could be a small campground for tenters. Likewise, turn the cabins into rentals for the night. Folks who travel, with tickets won't have to drive once arriving. You could turn the mess hall into a cafeteria with all kinds of treats and food. Build a SMALL outdoor amphiteater and an equal sized inside hall for shows. If there's a baseball field, basketball, volleyball, or tennis courts. There'd be all kinds of fun activities, impromptu and planned. Maybe a swimming hole too.

And build/rebuild it all rustic with recycled wood and stuff.

But it would be at the end of a long road, lined with poison oak and blackberry brambles... (dual use) and gated so that the ticketless wouldn't be able to enter.
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