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Re: Day Job

#49572 3 years ago
Awful song. The band never seemed to make it work. Please Furthur, No Day Job!
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Re: Day Job

#49574 3 years ago
It is a pleasant enough song with good advice in it.

I think the thing about it was...most younger heads in a heady state of mind did not want to hear about work while in that state of mind and the message in the song just became a bummer for them.

I suspect the more the tour head feared the rat race, the more dislike was aimed at that song.

Seemed that way to me.
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Re: Day Job

#49576 3 years ago
I hope you find good work soon:)

Best of wishes 23atwell!
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Re: Day Job

#49682 3 years ago
I'm glad they took it our of rotation. Not very dancable, no "deeper meaning" like many of their songs, and a terrific let down as an encore IMO.

I was bitching on another tread about skipping Hershey '85 and never missing another show since. Well as the world turns the same day I posted that the Sirius / XM GD channel played Hershey '85 as the show of the day. Felt like a backhanded FU. Awsome show, I was eating my heart out again, but then they came to the encore - "Day Job". That awful encore (probably played well) made me feel a bit better about missing the show. .

When the boys are magical, it should end in with a Baby Blue, Brokedown Palace, Ripple, Box of Rain, GoodNight Irene or if you want lighter even a touch of gray. Something with a real message to take home with you. One of my first encores at a live show was Revolution.....nice way to leave a show, you know it's gonna be -- shoobie doo -- all right.

When I am at a show - the last think I am thinking about is my dayjob, that's for sure.
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