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World Trade Center 9 11 Memorial

#49387 3 years, 2 months ago
People die everyday some from health and others are killed . The tragedy in NY from the flight that went down in PA, to the towers, to the pentagon...it just hits home. These were fellow Americans . Mothers fathers brothers sisters friends grandparents daughters and sons. Check out these stories. I couldnt help by crying. It must be so hard as any loss, but especially one through terroist and political dealings. May the world become a far much better place for all. Get busy living or get busy dying. Wow, I'm so thankful for what i do have.


i think the memorial is really amazing...what do yall think?
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Re: World Trade Center 9 11 Memorial

#50398 3 years, 2 months ago
Being from NYC and seeing all the lost souls with pictures begging for any information about their missing loved ones has scarred me quite a bit. I have not had the heart / courage to visit the site (yet). Someday I will make it there.

I am also quite pissed the way they are treating the brave men and women who helped look for survivors after that terrible day. In the last two months they powers that be (in charge of the 9-11 fund) have refused to cover costs for any cancer care for anyone who worked at the site. Too much money, fluck em.

I know people who perished there and I have relatives of relatives who were firemen and police officers who are now battling cancer that site definitely created. IMO the relatives of people who perished on 9-11 are in a way more fortunate than the relatives of the poor souls dying of asbestos related cancers. The fact that our city (NY) said FU to them really burns me up.

Those brave firefighters and police officers working the site post 9-11 did it selflesslessly. And now, as usual this city or this country is giving these people the ultimate farewell FU.

Am I bitter? Very much so.
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