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Re: Fall Shows in the Midwest

#49405 3 years, 2 months ago
FaceOnMars wrote:
wlewis wrote:
jamelsem wrote:

Are there any plans for Furthur to announce some fall shows in the Midwest, like in Chicago or Minneapolis in November?

Please let me know what the word is!

wouldn't hurt to browse the other 200 threads covering this topic

hmmmm, let me guess ... you're on the east coast

yes currently located on the right side...not sure what that's supposed to mean...i cut my summer tour here short so i could catch all the west coast shows for sure, and have seen about 25 in the west and midwest already.....traveling is part of the entire experience for me, the furthur the better
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: Fall Shows in the Midwest

#49425 3 years, 2 months ago
wlewis wrote:
kfender wrote:
Wlewis you're starting to sound like a zoner.Maybe a little more of a kind attitude when responding please.Peace,love,unicorns and ass glitter to all.

hahaha starting? well i was a member over there for quite a while before this board was created...but really if you can't handle a little sarcasm man i don't know what to tell you...what i posted was half serious half mocking the situation...that was a legitimate question and i posted a legitimate answer because we've had numerous threads recently...it wouldn't hurt to check them...every 3-4 days there has been one, some more detailed than others for certain regions, 200 was what we call an exaggeration....
It's all good Wlewis,I was only having fun.Ilike it here much better than there.Far fewer posts and more topical than the random ramblings over there.I have only seen rumors regarding a late tour,but it does seem like an announcement should becoming within the next 3 weeks.If not enough people keep a thread going it can fall to the back pages.I kinda prefer the zone's setup with the threads posted as a list.That way people who haven't seen a thread already can find what they are looking for more easily
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