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For those of you at Poet's Corner

#49191 3 years, 2 months ago
Came across this Hunter interview regarding his poetry....and lyric writing.


A bit deep for me but thought someone or sometwo might enjoy it.


HUNTER: Scat singing: "Dum-dum dum, da-da-da-da, bump-dum-dum-dum-dum, dee-dee-dee." I'm able to translate peoples' scat. I hear English in it, almost as though I write down what I hear underneath that. I hear the intention. It's a talent like the Rubik's Cube, or something like that, and it comes easily to me. Which might be why I like Language poetry. I can tell from the rhythms, or lack of rhythms, from the disjunctures and the end stoppages, what they're avoiding saying-- the meaning that they would like to not be stating there, comes rushing through to me. I understand dogs. I can talk to babies.

A cat dictated "China Cat Sunflower" to me. It was just sittin' on my stomach, purring away, and sayin' this stuff. I just write it down; I guess it's plagiarism. I've credited the cat, right? [laughing]

Before I was writing songs, I was a stoned James Joyce head, Finnegan's Wake head. I can still recite the first page and last couple of pages of that thing. There was something in the way those words socketed together, and the wonderful feel of reciting them, that very, very deeply influenced me.
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Re: For those of you at Poet's Corner

#49206 3 years, 2 months ago
That was absolutely fascinating, TS, thanks so much!!

"'Standing on the Moon' is understanding that, whatever the basic human impulses are, they do not like existing in isolation. We are interconnected. We need to be back there with the folks."

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Re: For those of you at Poet's Corner

#49535 3 years, 2 months ago
Thanks TS.

I had forgotten his words regarding his insight into the relationship between Neal and Jack.

I liked reading it again. Really like the links embedded in it, which of course it lacked in regular print.

I would love to hear more from him regarding his recent work with Nelson and Weir, more about the creative process in so far as it pertains to what is unfolding now with those gentlemen.
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