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Re: Noise vs Music

#48958 3 years, 2 months ago
There are two categories of music. The Grateful Dead, + everybody else.
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Re: Noise vs Music

#48968 3 years, 2 months ago
i grew up my whole life listening to the dead along with other types of music blues, jazz, and classic rock..i always really liked the dead and they were always my favorite band but it wasn't until the first live experience (phil and friends '08) that i really 'got it' after that its been all downhill and i pretty much only listen to the dead anything from the psychedelic/acoustic sounds of the late 60's to brent wailin' on the keys and vocals in the late 80's. why would i need anything else when one band can produce so much amazing, unique, and different sounding music?
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Re: Noise vs Music

#49010 3 years, 2 months ago
Great post mushroom man, amazed your entire family joins you at shows.

For me it is contagious. I used to go to one or two shows a tour, but then came 1985. Me and my buddies saw an amazing summer show in Saratoga and then my friends went to Hershey Park and I said "2 summer shows is fine for me" I am going home. Big mistake. Hershey '85 was an amazing show. When I finally got the bootleg (it took much longer those days - we used to trade cassettes) I was eating my heart out. (Check out that music never stopped one day, maybe best ever??)

Since then I see almost every show within an 8 / 10 hour drive of my home. Only shows I miss are when work gets in the way, which unfortunately is too often (I am a tax accountant with lots of deadlines). But being in the NYC area makes me blessed. I"ve caught a few hundred shows (including the JGB's etc) since '83.

My advice (that I live by) is catch every show you can. The show you miss will be the Morning Dew / Dark Star Show (not my favorite songs, but they stopped playing them for so long in the '80's and '90's it was a very special treat to see them). Or the show with Branford Marsallas or ?????

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Re: Noise vs Music

#49015 3 years, 2 months ago
^^^ exacly --- I had camping passes for the Vibes and I skipped PA saturday night which like you just said was that killer show thats always the one you miss - thats judging by the setlist alone but that setlist, for me, may have been the best looking one this tour. It was only 3.5 hours from my house and it would of been shorter if I left the Vibes for it then went back, plus it would of been a nice break in the air conditioning truck out of that intense heat.

also my family dosn't go to every show, just when they play CT. My mom goes to a few more shows then the whole family and then my brother goes to all of them with a couple exceptions I brought a friend then for Moheagan my brother let her take his place -- which I think he regrets now cause that was a fantastic show
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Re: Noise vs Music

#49022 3 years, 2 months ago
i've done all sorts of substances at shows

not as much as i once did...sometimes depending on my mood and some other surrounding circumstances i'll indulge, but i find i'm more in tune with the music sometimes when the walls have not caved in

definitely always like to have some medical and bubble though, maybe a couple beers beforehand, but i prefer to drink AFTER shows
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