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Furthur MSG Nov 2010

#48324 3 years ago
Dang this show was hot. Flew in from Oregon. A gentleman jus posted a fresh recording on archive todayt. So hot. damn, I am psyched for eugene in September!!!!!

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Re: Furthur MSG Nov 2010

#49712 3 years ago
I enjoy audience tapes, but here's a link to the official soundboard -- which does blend in some audience too.


- thanks for mentioning the show, I was there but I don't recall ever hearing the song "Any Road". It's interesting...maybe it will grow on me.

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Re: Furthur MSG Nov 2010

#49791 3 years ago
TWO great shows.
The Deadheads gather at the rim of the volcano to dance and sing joyful songs in honor of their fallen hero.
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Re: Furthur MSG Nov 2010

#49810 3 years ago
Any Road by George Harrison - great song and 2 fantastic shows at the Garden last year....

Any Road - played 4 times by Furthur ...... www.otherones.net/songs/314
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