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the love of people

#47948 3 years, 2 months ago
If you think for 1 second that the love of the family is conditional your wrong! I just had a family member invite me along for a lil tour n.c,s.c. and my chic to boot, We sat along his pool and had a blissful time thanks scubby for the acid that sticks with ya! n.c,s.c sick shows and been doing it ahwile.when we had troubles getting home are hosts took over and made sure we got home!When some1 doesnt know you like that and has your best interests at heart how can you not make a lifetime friendship out of that? The music is the core but the love surrounding it is what makes it special! Thank you smoke!!!!!
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Re: the love of people

#47964 3 years, 2 months ago
I went to Jerry day yesterday with my pregnet wife. Of course by the end of the show the people around you become your best friends and just had a great time and of course call GDF. When we were leaving one of the guys handed us $25 for Stella, are baby to come. That's why it's always unconditional. When I'm at shows I do the best I can to make people comfortable and help. I love this family
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Re: the love of people

#47970 3 years, 2 months ago
I find for the most part that is true the only people I found this not tobe true with were on this site, izancarlos comes to mind. As for at a show I have never had a bad experience with haters except at Phish shows.
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Re: the love of people

#48124 3 years, 2 months ago
Us true fans - true believers in the grateful dead / 1960's way of life have a very strong bond. Back in March I met a kind woman on craigslist buying a ticket for furthur at Radio city. I kept in touch with this stranger via email taking about the band, etc. This summer we actually met up at a couple of shows.

I am going through some difficult marriage problems, further complicated with a teenage daughter who is suffering from the way her parents mistreat each other.

Were it not for the help of this stranger, who allowed me to rant and rave to her, I don't know where I would be mentally. I actually turned non-functinal for a few months, happy things made me sad, etc. It was situational for me, but this stranger really helped me survive it all. I told her on many occastions that she should probably run away from me (I was a bloody mess mentally) but she was strong and encouraged me to get the poison out of my system and continue with the rants. When my judgment got cloudy she helped steer me back on the correct path (ie - I wanted to buy bobby tickets for labor day, she reminded me that it was the last weekend before school and I should spend the time with my daughter). I tried to repay her many times, but she would not allow it. I did buy her a few bottles of wine as a thank you - something I needed to do for me. Plus I bought her a solo bobby ticket that I hope she will take.

Camping before the Bethel show I also met plenty of other cool deadheads. One couple in particular was very kind and we really hit it off. They are half my age - but super kind and fun to be with. I hooked up with them again at the Mann center show and actualy drove to Pa to meet them one Sat night. I love the shows but to me they are just part of the bigger scene.

I agree, it's the people that makes this whole experience so special. That's why at the shows you will often find me in teh hallways, etc. I don't need to see Bobby spitting or the like, I need to feel the warmth of the people. I am drawn to it like a moth before a flame. Plenty of very genuinely cool people here without the typical personal agendas. Sure plenty of us have issues, and not all deadheads are kind. But as a group, we're the best people I have ever found.

This is a bond that will survive even when the band's all packed and gone. "Were they ever here at all?"
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