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Terrapin Station News

#47928 3 years ago
Let us all look kindly on our neighbor.
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Terrapin Sedation
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Re: Terrapin Station News

#47929 3 years ago
500 capacity is not exactly the quaint barn Levon has (about 150 capacity). A kitchen, serving bars on two floors....sounds more like a bar. I can understand why there might be some kickback from the locals.

I wonder why Phil didn't just find 50 acres in some backwoods community. You know we would come.

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Re: Terrapin Station News

#47931 3 years ago
Levon's place holds closer to 300 with the standing room only included
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Re: Terrapin Station News

#47932 3 years ago
will be a cool place...although i do wish it was smaller like levons, the 500 person capacity may be smart because turnouts may be a little bigger out there...backwoods would have been killer...
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