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29 years ago: Alpine Valley, 8/7/1982

#47644 3 years, 2 months ago
Alpine Valley, August 7, 1982. A great show, and my very first one. I’d been listening to the live music for a couple of years (thanks PD, wherever you are), but this was the first time for a real show, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. The parking lot was full of incredible people, and you could smile your way up and down every row and everyone actually smiled back! And even though I was already hooked, those first notes sealed the deal. I really like that the first live song I heard was Music Never Stopped- seems prophetic in a way. The show itself was incredible, with a soulful Must Have Been the Roses, a happy China/Rider, and a soaring, majestic Morning Dew. Dancing on that Alpine hill was euphoric, and there were fireworks in the lot to close out the night. Then the next morning, at beautiful Meadowlark Acres campground, the nice grandma-like owner cranked out home-made doughnuts from an ancient fryer with a line of Deadheads watching her mesmerized, like it was the most beautiful sight they’d ever seen. Sometimes I wonder if I kept going back to Alpine for the music or for those fresh, warm, absolutely ambrosial doughnuts!

Anyway, I just had to mark this day for myself, since it was very much a life changing, or at least life shaping, weekend. Luckily Dick made this show his 32nd pick, so I’ve got a great copy to listen to later today. And I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a group of people that allow me to share this memory with them; thank you all so much for that. : ) The music really will never stop while we're keeping it alive!

Music Never Stopped>Sugaree>Music Never Stopped>Me and My Uncle>Big River>It Must Have Been the Roses>C.C. Rider>Ramble on Rose>Beat it on Down the Line>On the Road Again>Althea>Let it Grow

China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider>Man Smart/Woman Smarter>Ship of Fools>Playin' in the Band>drums>The Wheel>Playin' in the Band>Morning Dew>One More Saturday Night; E: U.S. Blues

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Re: 29 years ago: Alpine Valley, 8/7/1982

#47653 3 years, 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing about your first show, Sue. I love the Dick's Picks from that show. It must have been a total surprise when they shifted into Sugaree from the Music Never Stopped. My first show was a few months before that, 4/19/82 Baltimore Civic Center, the infamous "Raven Space" show. I also had been listening to the band for about a year before getting on the bus. I also saw Bobby and the Midnites at Richie Coliseum at University of Maryland in the Fall of 1981, so I had an idea of what the scene would be like. I can't believe almost 30 years have passed by since then, and that I'm still able to go see Phil and Bobby and experience this music live!!!
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