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furthurmore friday

#47409 3 years ago
does anybody do the furthurmore friday contests??

when i remember to look i do on fridays, usually really late but many times the questions are difficult, obscure trivia...well this weeks was one i thought i knew so i sent in my response, but it was yesterday evening, probably too late to be one of the first 10 people with a correct response

the question was

Q: What was the last non-original (i.e. Garcia, Hunter, Weir, Barlow, Mydland, etc) song recorded in the studio and released on a studio album by the Grateful Dead, and what album was it on?

Of the first 10 correct responses sent to us by email, one will be selected at random to receive a Tour Poster.

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Re: furthurmore friday

#47411 3 years ago
if it still says "Of the first 10 correct responses sent to us by email, one will be selected at random to receive a Tour Poster." then I'm pretty sure that means they don't have a winner yet, so you should be good. Enless of course they didn't look at it in a while and theres a bunch of e-mails they didn't see yet.

Its usually to late when I remember to look....
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Re: furthurmore friday

#47437 3 years ago
I entered one contest and won! Week 54. I get to work real early so im always able to check out the question early. Sometimes the questions are real weird. Like what did Phil say on a message to Bobby. And the answer was something like what are you going to war tonight. How are we suppose to know that
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Re: furthurmore friday

#47438 3 years ago
This week's questions was one of the easier ones. I sent in an answer Friday afternoon. I'm about 0 for 10 on these things.
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Re: furthurmore friday

#47889 3 years ago
I do enter and I've gotten a few correct, but no prizes. I also had don't ease me in for this fir's answer (forgot to check if its correct or if by some miracle I won something).

On the east coast the questions don't get posted until late morning so getting up early is not an issue.
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