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#46674 3 years ago
A special THANK YOU to all of you for this amazing music!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all of the shows....

JK- Wow what can I say amazing, nice job!!!

Jeff C- The key always have been and now always will be a favorite element of the shows, you are really blazing those keys now and keep it up WE love it!!!!

Joe-You are a beast on the drums and after listening to this summers shows you are sounding absolutely fantastic.

Sunshine- You have the most beautiful voice and you are really making the vocals fill the air thank you for all that you do> keep smiling.

Jeff-You are also doing a wonderful job with this band, you make a the vocals really carry through out the entire room.

Please!, please keep this going as long as you can and we will be there to see all of you!

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Re: THANK YOU JOHN K>JEFFC>JOE>SUNShine&​gt;Jeff Pherson

#46692 3 years ago
Thank you bald dude who tends to phil, keeps his drinks full and fixes all his equipment and sets his teleprompter.
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Re: THANK YOU JOHN K>JEFFC>JOE>SUNShine&​gt;Jeff Pherson

#46704 3 years ago
Yeah, what ecojaded said !!

...and thanks also to all those working behind the scenes,
making sure the shows run smoothly!

Hurry up, Fall tour!
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