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Tyler Curtis

What Are Your Musical Highlights Of This Past Tour

#46106 3 years, 3 months ago
With everything all done for this tour, I was wondering what your favorites were from this past tour. It doesn't matter if you were there or not, but, just throw out some of your highlights of Furthur's past tour.
Buy the ticket, take the ride..."
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Re: What Are Your Musical Highlights Of This Past Tour

#46112 3 years, 3 months ago
Only made it to 2 shows so I will just pull from that

The viola lee blues bertha viola ntysm viola was insane

Morning Dew. John was off the hook with this one

Box of Rain 2nd set opener

Estimated into Eyes

Scarlet Fire

Acapulo attics
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Re: What Are Your Musical Highlights Of This Past Tour

#46113 3 years, 3 months ago
you forgot to leave your highlights there Tyler.... let us know what you thought!

-Bethel was an amazing experience - the whole day, from the museum to checking out the original Woodstock site, my mom was there with us, and it was a smoking show. I loved the help/slip/Frank sandwhich with the Eleven thrown in between and then busting into St. Stephen later on but that Comes A Time was just pure magic....

-Jones Beach was a very special show. I loved the selections in the first set and the 2nd set was just more then words can describe. I thought the lighting effects there were the best I've seen to date, and with the sceenery at that place in general it was just such a beautiful show, great place for them to play. The Weather Report opening the 2nd set was unreal - they Jammed that song so hard, especially when it went into Let It Grow and the Dark Star went perfect at that place.

-At SPAC I did to many mushrooms and had to sit down and stuff but I still knew how good it was, just sucked having to sit through it. If I wasn't like I was it would of been more special to me but I could still tell it was a killer show - I snapped out of it by the last few songs and the energy there was incredible.

-Mansfield had the fewest seats filled of the shows I went to and was a little more laid back I thought then the rest but was still a great show. Opening with Iko>Passenger was great, 2 songs I've been wanting - especially Passenger. the Mission bust out was great, I don't care what anyone says I love Bob's take on it. Liberty was another song I've been hoping for. My seats were quite a way off to the side but I made the most out of it (allthough I'm very dissapointed in those seats from the Frontgate presale)

-The Vibes is always special and this year was no different. Great sound quality at the Vibes, Great set - I was hoping for another stellar encore like the Terrapin last year but I'll settle for whatever these guys got in store, anyday! .... of course Vibes had the classic glow sticks and balls n stuff flying everywhere - the Dragon.... the Sugar Magnolia and Around and Around really rocked ..... they didn't have their new screen at the Vibes but the lights alone were fantastic.

Thats what I went to, I'll post again later about what I liked that I didn't see - I gotta run out now
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Re: What Are Your Musical Highlights Of This Past Tour

#46116 3 years, 3 months ago
meeting so many online friends at shows MM wlewis irishqueenie,plus others from DHL the music was stellar comes a time whats not to love a tear jerker for sure extra special for me i ran into a college friend hadnt seen in 24 yreas .giving a ride to tye dye dave cuz he needed one ,saw post on FB and we wind up haveing seats right next to each other 3,4,5 at pnc pure dead magic.they love each other in cmac twiirling my wife around to "our song" i could go on
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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