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Re: One More Saturday Night!

#46397 3 years, 3 months ago
My least favorite encore without a doubt. BABY BLUE US !!!
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Re: One More Saturday Night!

#46413 3 years, 3 months ago
I don't believe I've ever seen furthur or the dead play on a Sat night without hearing that song. To me it's like minglewood blues used to be. It just gets to be too much when you see a lot of shows and it's in heavy rotation. .

That being said, I heard Furthur do it twice this tour and I groved both times. But there were so many other songs that I would have preferred.

At Bethel they did it before the encore, and I was psyched for maybe a box of rain or ripple or something encore, but no, they had to end with US Blues (which is cool, not my favorite but not overplayed).

That being said, hearing a Sat night played live is better than almost anything else I can think of
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Re: One More Saturday Night!

#46433 3 years, 3 months ago
I would have liked to have seen it played in St. Augustine. However, seeing "Playing in the Band', another quintessential Grateful Dead song of the same period and of the Dead era that I remember most fondly, worked just as well for me.

Some folks say the Grateful Dead had only Truckin' as an early hit song. However, I remember both 'Saturday Night' and 'Playing' being played often throughout the DC area community in the early 1970s. But of course, Uncle John, Sugar Mag and Casey Jones were all heard then too.

On another matter - I bought a Furthur key chain. I notice it has wings on it. Therefore, I bought myself Furthur wings. Am I to understand that I have broken a rule by buying myself wings and now I will be going to Hell or something for that faux pas? Anyway - I think I am screwed regardless - I already have Aerosmith wings on my arm. Nobody bought those for me either!
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