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NYE Roll Call (hella early)

#45376 3 years, 2 months ago
OK, i have no "insider info" just common sense says, bill graham civic aud.
ill be there both nights.
who else?
they usually let people git down in the park across the street pre show, but it closes at 10, so if you dont have a ticket the cops run out then, no vending afterwards unless its like in your hands or cooler, no talbes, etc. heads up. BUT B-4 the show there will a chlll asss shakedown in the park, hopefully on lovely rainfree day. i travel on the cheap, ifn anyones wants to split a hotel with a single male smoker in a close hotel, but nuthin too fancy, hell i have stayed at the slumbard, but for the same price you can get a nice room across the street with a breakfast as long as you dont look homeless and like your going blow up the spot with more people to the room than they allow, which i like to party so its a fine balancing act of finding a hotel thats not ghetto but wont complain if i stay up all night drinking. not that i plan too, but its good to get two ajoingin rooms one for haning out, one for passin out. we should have a forum afta party a hotel of my choice. no cover, but its byob,etc. and hey iim a single male so no sausage fest guys, lets all least try to bring a grrl, and vice versa just to keep a good balance of energy. i will bring the token lesbian witch.
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Re: NYE Roll Call (hella early)

#45378 3 years, 2 months ago
I'm planning on it. Last year was fun.
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Re: NYE Roll Call (hella early)

#45439 3 years, 2 months ago
There's no where else better on this earth than to bring in the new year with a show. I will be there thank god live in the bay area. I do miss out on a lot of cool east coast shows but at least I always have nye
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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