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Tom Banjo


#45210 3 years, 2 months ago
I think we should BOYCOTT THE MANN CENTER in Philadelphia. The shit they pulled there was just ridiculaous, ucalled for and wrong! Hippies are not violent people... the security guards at the Mann were very violent!

It all started when they charged us 15 dollars for a vending spot and then told us that we would be arrested if we tried to vend (we were selling food) and there would be no refund for the vending spot we just purchased. Some people did vend and many got arrested.. meanwhile, nitrous was everywhere (although we saw some of them get arrested too).

However, the shit at the entrance was totally wrong and this is where the violence occurred. If they were going to check people to the degree they did, they should have opened the doors earlier. I paid for my ticket and made a long ass trip only to miss the first 3 songs as did hundreds of others. I saw a security officer push a woman down (who was doing nothing). I saw a child and a pregnant woman getting shoved by security officers. I saw one security officer threaten to punch a man in the face. I saw one security officer actually hit a hippie! The riot that ensued was ridiculous, caused children to get hurt and caused hippies to yell at hippies. In the end run, the security didn't find one thing or turn one person away... they just stalled us to be assholes. Again, if they are going t check us to the degree that they did, then they should have opened the doors earlier and opened more gates. In fact, there were 2 gates at the main entrance (one on each side) that were not being used other than for the occasional security guard to gain entrance. Inevitably a riot ensued and the security was overwhelmed. Instead of that, they should have just let us in.

I SERIOUSLY THINK THAT FURTHUR SHOULD NOT PLAY ANY FURTHUR SHOWS THERE AGAIN. I was able to enjoy the music after I gained entrance, but I heard so many people who couldn't manage to regain a fun attitude after the emotional entrance... even I was shaking when I finally made it in. We were all shell shocked and needlessly so. The whole thing was totally uncalled for and was evident of a vicsiousness of the security guards. I know I won't go back there and I am sure that most who endured the shit at the entrance will not go back there either. If you did not make the Mann this year, don't go next year if Furthur plays there or anyone else for that matter. The Mann made is clear - THE MANN IS AGAINST HIPPIES! AND THE MUSIC OF FURTHUR AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD!

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