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Re: Average age of people here

#47918 3 years, 1 month ago
"Phil at 71 and Bobby at 64 are great role models for us 80's Deadheads, a demonstration that age is just a state of mind, not a number. "

Bob's 63 until October
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More negative karma please =-)

Re: Average age of people here

#47921 3 years, 1 month ago
pssshhhhhhh age. Fuck age.hahaha. =-) THEY ARE INSAAAAAAANE. Man, this wait til tour is a BITCH.hahahahahaha

Re: Average age of people here

#47927 3 years, 1 month ago
Bud wrote:
My mom passed but I still love to go to shows with my pops. He gets a little out of control sometimes. Its like a role reversal. "hey Pops you o.k to drive"?Sure if you don't mind that I just took three tabs." O.k pops I think ill drive down the mountain.L.O.L

yeah, that's prety funny about your pops. i notice that sometimes the kids are much straighter at the shows than the old guys. it's not always the case... but hey, us old guys still like to party too. i'm sure your dad appreciates that you're the designated driver.
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Re: Average age of people here

#54541 3 years ago
49 and still on tour!
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Look at it right!

Re: Average age of people here

#54571 3 years ago
SunshineSue wrote:
Here are the latest numbers on this happy little group. The only one I didn't include was Kfender's Riley, and only because I just couldn't stand what that cute young thing did to the average! : )

Sample size = 59 Furthur Forum Family members

Range: 16 - 56 years

Average: 37.9

Median: 40

Quite a range from Violethaze to me. I guess I have the dubious distinction of being the elder at 56. I know I've seen older heads at shows so there must be some lurking around here. I'm grateful to have experienced the music all these years. It was a blast taking my daughter (named Rose) to shows (Phils 70th Birthday and 12.30.10 & 12.31.10). Ha my daughter wants to make NYE a "family" tradition. So cool to see such an age range. That is something you didn't see back in the 60's and 70's.
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