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Be, okay? Be.

Alright y'all, we'll take it from here!

#44459 3 years, 3 months ago
Thanks to the Northern fans for helping the band get their groove on for the South! Although from the sounds of Bethel, it doesn't seem they needed much help! The setlists look amazing, and the stuff already posted sounds outstanding.

My predictions for the South leg:

- "Morning Dew" in Raleigh
- a truly kind veggie burrito in G'ville
- "Welcome to the Dance" in Raleigh
- end the East coast w/ "Lazy Lightning" breakout in Atlanta
- "Mountain Song" in G'ville
- "Alligator" in ATL
- two-and-a-half hours of feedback, broken strings & rain in St. August 'cuz I may not make it
- a breakout of "Eternity" somewhere in there
- easily distracted cops in the Carolinas
- and maybe a false-platypus sighting!
If unable to dance, I'll crawl.
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