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Pre-order on mini-guitars, but not on posters?!?

#42821 3 years, 3 months ago
So, they'll put these items out there on pre-order ALL THE WHILE printing up a limited number of posters and allowing resellers to walk up and buy stacks at a time (at a show) only to turn around and resell them at a marked up price.

Seems to me posters are an item which are just as suitable (of not more, due to resellers) for pre-sale ... since:

1.) The band obviously doesn't want to over-invest in excess inventory (even though I've contend online after show sales would offset excess inventory and provide added SEO value in terms of "spreading their web presence' wings").

2.) I can only speak for myself, but I think many others are in the same boat in so far as not wanting to look after a poster while at a show & often forgetting to pick one up at the end (if they're still available).

I would suggest to Furthur management to integrate a pre-order on this website directly, after purchasing a ticket to a show (provided the poster design is complete, maybe also start ahead much earlier on this), and/or co-market via an email campaign to those who opt in after making a ticket purchase to an event.

There, I've said my peace and got it out!
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