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Raleigh venue change!!

#42017 3 years ago
Kinda blows. I just made prepaid hotel reservations 5 days ago as close as I could get to Time Warner. Gotta watch out for the po po you know? And these were the best seats I had on the southern leg. I hope they replace them with comparable seats. I wonder how thats going to work?
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Re: Raleigh venue change!!

#42019 3 years ago
they mail out Front Gate buyers tix on July 25 will that get to my house by 28th???

if not, do I exchange it at the box office in Raleigh?

I am glad they moved it.. walnut creek is a place I am sick of..
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Re: Raleigh venue change!!

#42037 3 years ago
I've never been to Walnut Creek. Amphitheatre looks cozy though. I just want to be front row and center like I was.
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Re: Raleigh venue change!!

#42041 3 years ago
Im sure ur tickets will be close to the same. I had lawn sitting. So im stoked because there don't look like a bad seat in the house.

Its a new facility and I've heard the sound is great and there's a good bar scene right at venue.

Widespread panic changed to playy here coming up in sept.
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Re: Raleigh venue change!!

#42064 3 years ago
Smaller is better when it comes to venues. I'm glad they made the change.
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