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NYE Show in SF?!

#41946 3 years ago
Can't make Monterey, prayin' to heaven that it's NYE at the BGC again.

Please say it's so!!
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Re: NYE Show in SF?!

#41948 3 years ago
its should be, i would be surprised if not, really surprised. i'm hoping warren does nyc again at the beacon, i don't have the way or means to make san fran; hopefully i can stay in my backyard. after seeing warren at mt. jam, i'm hooked.
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Re: NYE Show in SF?!

#41952 3 years ago
23 weeks till New Year's Eve…wow
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Re: NYE Show in SF?!

#41957 3 years ago
Last year was amazing. Unfortunatly I probably won't be able to make it I am however going to Jamaica for my 3rd Island Exodus! Go Warren!
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