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Jones Beach was amazing!

#41755 3 years, 2 months ago
whoever was worried about police presence and no shakjedown at Jones Beach was dead wrong, sorry to say, but you guys totally missed out - huge Shakedown, no police hassle what so ever - I feel real bad for you people that skipped this show because you were worried about that.

That screen does belong to Furthur, I was thinking it was just Bethels screen, so I'm totally syked about that! ...... It was such an amazing show tonight, I don't even know where to start - It was beutiful. Unfortunatley though, I'm not sure exacly what it was but I was feelin' a little under the weather during the 2nd set --- I think the wind was getting to me..... I started off the 2nd set dancing and feeling real good to the Weather Report then all the sudden I wasn't feeling the greatest..... I drank a bunch of water which I wasn't doing to much of but I was almost feeling dehydrated or something, I had to sit down for the rest of the night from Dark Star on - I felt good once I sat down and chewed gum to keep my mouth moist then I tried standing up again but I felt like the wind was just sucking the energy out of me or something, it was weird. Before I sat down I was thinking about going to the bathroom and chugging a bunch of water and just sittin' in the stall for a few. Of course once I started feelin that way the mushrooms had me thinking "what's wrong with me?, am I ok" so I think it was a lot in the head to but I just had to sit down and coach myself threw it. It was killing me so bad to not be able to stand up and to have this stuff on my mind and not be enjoying the music as much as I should of been but luckily I had a good view sitting down still. - plus I got 3 more to go!!

I didn't let all that ruin my night though - it was still an absolutley amazing night ---- stressful night for me actually. Right before the 2nd set started I though I lost my debit card and was freaking out I didn't no what to do, but lucky for me it was in my back pocket.... I was thinking someone is gunna rob my card, that really would of ruined the night. I think that kind of played a role in me starting to not feel right, all that stress. Then to top everything off we get back to my truck and the directions are gone - so I had to call home and have my mom look them up, of course the internet was being stupid when she was. I havn't been stressed like that in a long, long time.

all in all I don't think it was the mushrooms that did it to me. I think it was me not drinking enough water because I didn't want to have to piss a lot and then the wind and moving around just started getting to me, I was fine once I sat down. However, once I started feeling that way the mushrooms had me thinking all this crazy stuff, I was so dissapointed in myself - but the night was still magical as can be.... tomorow I rest and then off to SPAC!
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Re: Jones Beach was amazing!

#41762 3 years, 2 months ago
[colorYOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE HUGE ORANGE MOON hanging over the water...no hassles at all from security...smoking wherever and whenever, the amazing breezes wafting over from the water...the amazing vending scene...and the beacn phun where all had picnics on the beach before the show...=#ff0000][/color]
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Re: Jones Beach was amazing!

#41766 3 years, 2 months ago
got to hydrate man drink a bottle an hour min gatorade is good for dehydration,get some bananas too your potassium is got to be low.i try to bring oranges in for the exact thing that happened to you a orange will snap ya right out of it also some hard candies are god ,nice and small so easy to get in.blood sugar,kep an eye on it,glad ya had a good time ,also glad to hear the screen is traveling spac here i come
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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Re: Jones Beach was amazing!

#41806 3 years, 2 months ago
83 - I tried to bring oranges into Lowerll for hydration and they made me throw them away! guess they thought I injected them or something??? wtf?

mushroom - sounds like the mushrooms to me man...stressful = not good
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Re: Jones Beach was amazing!

#41813 3 years, 2 months ago
well I don't think it was the mushrooms that caused me to feel that way but they made it a little worse when I started to just thinking all crazy stuff. I actually didn't drink any water since I left my truck until a little while through intermission but I was just taking sips when my mouth got dry, until I started feeling bad but once I drank a bunch of water and sat down and took it easy I was fine.

Not trying to just argue with you but I don't think the mushrooms caused the whole ordeal, though they did certainly make it more stressful thinking about it.
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