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Pumped for Bethel

#41345 3 years ago
Its a beautiful day here in NYC. Getting out of work a little early today, and wasting no time i'll be hot tailing it up to bethel. I'm goin up the country, and baby I want to go.

Its a beautiful venue, Ive seen Bob Dylan, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young there. Those concerts were alright at best, I'm prepared to here some stellar music and enjoy the scenery of this venue that is a work of art

Will I be running into any of you there?
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41349 3 years ago
Leaving the house in a matter of minutes.Get there around 2.Gonna hit the museum too!
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41350 3 years ago
im leaving in about 25 minutes I'll be hittin the museum around 1 - see you all at the meet up around 430 or suttin probably. made some treats - regular lots open at 2
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41353 3 years ago
So excited ~ like a kid at Christmas I thought it wouldn't ever get here.

Is There a board meet up? Where & when? We aren't leaving 'Til about 1 from the city...but boy am I super psyched ~

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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41354 3 years ago
I believe the thread "bethel menu" talks about the whole meet up and where it and stuff...... its in 'lot D' and should be by a area with picnic tables and stuff. 83msg was going to have a tie die banner on his car and either the banner or something else was going to say something about the Furethur forum meet up.

if you check that thread you should get better detail but I'm about to head out now - have a safe trip everyone! .... I'll post a review somewhere later after my trip home
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41357 3 years ago
Very nice guys Enjoy the show and all the groovy vibes! I'll be at the Jones Beach tomorrow night, can't wait!!! Haven't seen 'em since MSG, which was an amazing show. This will be my 3rd Furthur show.
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41370 3 years ago
have a great time in bethel boarders !
keep us updated !
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Re: Pumped for Bethel

#41393 3 years ago
Have a nice, safe trip to all the concert goers tonight.

If a Bethel attendee is so inclined, I would appreciate a link sent my way.

Thank you.
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