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Mystery texter, I'm calling you out (x-post)

#41060 3 years ago
When I've asked who you are there is no reply.
Your number is area code 571. I have you in contacts as 'Jamie'. One Jamie I know passed away, the other you are not him.
You've sent me pic of a cute blonde toddler in tie dye, several times.
You've commented on Allman Bros shows.
You informed me about TRI.
You sent me Phish jokes.
You sign these texts JjB.
Always upbeat and informational, never rude or mean. I don't feel creeped out or afraid, just curious!

It's puzzling and I'm unable to trace the phone number.
I don't think they are meant for me personally, but more like he's texting his whole contact list.
Someone help me out here.
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Re: Mystery texter, I'm calling you out (x-post)

#41098 3 years ago
Maybe you have already tried this but what the heck, ill tell you anyway. Google reverse phone look up, then put in the number. It will tell you its a cell phone and show you the location on a map but no public info because its cell phone. But if you pay like $5 they will look it up for you and give you the info you're looking for.
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Re: Mystery texter, I'm calling you out (x-post)

#41200 3 years ago
that is odd, and totally creepy...maybe the msg's aren't , but the bigger picture is strange
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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