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Fresh Boarder

2 (possible) extra St Augie tickets

#40135 3 years ago
Long story short, my 10 year anniversary is the following week, and (sad to say), its more important than this show. If I dont have the funds to do both, I'll have to sell my tickets. I bought 2, section 201 Row WC seats 26 & 28. Total was 138.80. I wouldnt ask more than I paid for them both. Is this a good forum or another one? I dont have a paypal account. I am very honest, so I would expect you to be the same. Let me know here and we can exchange info and go from there
Fresh Boarder

Re: 2 (possible) extra St Augie tickets

#40188 3 years ago
Hi man. I'd love the chance to buy your St. Aug tickets, it would really make my summer. Let me know how you'd want to do it since you don't have PayPal. I could send you a check or cash, whatever works for you. I'm about 5 hours south of you outside Orlando. Please email me at soamelt1018@gmail or call me at (407) 619-0854. I've always had great experiences buying/trading tickets off fan sites, I'd love to add this one to the list. Please shoot me and email or give me a call or text. Have a nice night.


Re: 2 (possible) extra St Augie tickets

#40213 3 years ago
no thanks
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