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Bobby you got 2 weeks my brother Essau

#39376 3 years, 3 months ago
Bob - two weeks til the Philadelphia Mann Music Center show. PLEASE PLAY My Bother ESSAU !!! The song makes sense....maybe the lyrics don't, but the song DOES. It's alot of fun to dance to and thats all that matters....you and Barlow are great writers...but your obsession with it not making sense or whatever your hangup is seems to be is like ocd . Kinda acting like Amedaues Mozart. Its gotta b perfect, Its gotta b perfect. It already is perfect, really...the song is amazing, please just fucking play it would you. If you got a change the lyrics, go ahead...its not the lyrics anyone really cares about so much with this one, its the music....that should matter to you right there !!! Thats important. Exept the line at the end where you say.."Sometimes at night i dream he's still that hairy man...shadowboxing the apocolypse and wandering the land....ahhhh....ahhh...hahhhh !! "
Essau wants to be on his rollerskates again Bob. We hear cassidy , jack straw, truckin, althea all the time with "furthUr" can we hear some gems that have been locked away ? Let's do this , please, buddy. You are really movin much too slow. MOVE IT !!! Snap back into it for god sakes!
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Re: Bobby you got 2 weeks my brother Essau

#39378 3 years, 3 months ago
I second that emotion.

See you at the mann.
I'm still walking, so I'm sure that I can dance.
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