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Re: Thief of a brother I have....

#39117 3 years, 3 months ago
"Glad it wasn't me, I wouldn't even do this kind of shit to most people that I dislike over twenty dollars, or principle.

Cosmic justice serves it's purpose, and I would learn then to hide my shit better right then. Hurting other's belongings just makes me feel guilty and low. I try to look for every possible solution before bringing harm (emotional or physical) tp someone, especially someone I was or am close to.

That's just me though."

yea I hear you but I wanted to make sure he thinks twice if ever presented with any kind of oportunity like that again and for what its worth he didn't pay a dime for the bike, it was really a pirece of junk - not saying it was right but I couldn't let him get away with stealing from me. I really didn't want to physically hurt him, just take something of his or do something I knew he'd hate. He steals from my mom, dosn't listen to my parents, pretty damn disrespectful with about everything he does, always trouble with the cops - someday somebody is probably gunna teach him a lesson. - Not trying to justify what I did was the right thing just giving my whole mind frame.

I have another brother older then him that we get along better, he goes to about every show with me.... I do get along with my youngest brother he's just very immature and don't have much of a care.
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Re: Thief of a brother I have....

#39143 3 years, 3 months ago
ever see the movie "a bronxs tale" this kid keeps chasing after this guy who owes him 20 bucks the mob boss tells him "forget it for 20 bucks hes out of your life now".sucks when family steals from each other .my guess is he has a bad drug problem,you may want to find out whats causing this behavior before he ruins his life totally ,one more thing revenge usually results in payback its a vicious cycle ,im not saying your wrong just something to think about i hope ya can solve the problem but hey thats my 2 cents.
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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