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The Oyster
Junior Boarder

Tonight On The Psychedelic Oyster

#3843 3 years, 7 months ago
Hey All,

I was searching for a show from my tapes for a first day of spring show, and was able to find a show from the 22nd. The show will be set two of The Grateful Dead, Hamilton, Ontario March 22nd 1990. Instead of being a show from the 21st, which is the first full day of spring, I will be playing a show from 21 years ago instead, and I guess it all works well in the end. Hope you all can tune in

Brad Moore (The Psychedelic Oyster)
I have a weekly radio program on WOMR 92.1 FM on Cape Cod, and womr.org everywhere else. The program airs Monday evenings 9pm eastern till 12am. The show is The Psychedelic Oyster, which is a mixture of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and a good amount of The Grateful Dead, plus David Gans Grateful Dead Hour at 10:30. WOMR is a non profit community supported radio station.

I also do a weekly fall, and winter film series at the performance space in the radio station, of Reel film from my own personal collection. The series is primarily feature films from the 1920's through the 1940's. With some of the silent films that I show, have local musicians sitting in, and providing improvisational music for the films score. I do this in the off season for the radio station to make some money during the winter, and to provide a chance for the community to see films, that they may not see elsewhere, and on the big screen
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