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More negative karma please =-)

Re: Bob Weir, Godbless your soul...

#38230 3 years, 3 months ago
Smiley from Texas wrote:
DeadHead420 wrote:
Smiley from Texas wrote:
Much love bobby!

Im still waiting for bobby to get on the board and post. But we all know bobby... hes just to cool for school sometimes : )

Me and rabble rabble started the Bob weir coalition one night haha

Bobs always crusin the board. Havent ya seen him?? lol Its DRFREUD. Thats jus his alterego.

is this true or are you yankin my chain?

if so than hey bobby your the shit and you better keep doin this for all us kids out here because theres literally aint no place id rather be than at Home (a show) with all the family and the BOYS!

I MIGHT be yankin your chain. LoL. Iono. Its just a theory of mine. I know for a fact that this DrFreud character isnt actually german, and is jus usin an online translator. Soooooo my best guess is that its him, unless soneone else wants to own up. =-)
P.S. Sent ya a friend invite on FurthurConnect illuminaughty. =-) I dont think ya set your shit up yet.
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the highway terror
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{({({({({(Health Vibes For Bobby)})})})})}

Re: Bob Weir, Godbless your soul...

#38241 3 years, 3 months ago
PMoondancer wrote:
Yes, God Bless you Bobby...
Yep, Bobby's Cool by Me !
Rock on Bobby Weir !
Can't Live that Negative Way, Make Room for the Positive Day !
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