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the highway terror
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#3989 3 years ago
Dear Phil & Jill

Even though I never met the man it hurts to lose one of the Tribe
Gitmo was a Zoner for a long, long time and not only leaves behind his Family , but a lot of Friends too.
If you could dedicate the show or just a song to Gitmo the whole Philzone would appreciate it

thank you
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#3993 3 years ago
Adam truly exemplified what this scene was created around and what it's all about and still is at it's very core.
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4001 3 years ago
I'm throwin' in on this too, and this is the main reason 'ol Lance Newberry signed up for this board. I didn't know Adam, but boy he was sure a big, always entertaining part of that crazy community the Philzone, and how he affected those he knew personally always was very clear there, and is even more so today, after reading the flood of heartfelt comments about the nature and character of this man who passed too soon.

As others have said, it must be tough to decide to do something like this for an individual, since you have so many fans this type of thing has to come up often, but any sort of shout-out or tribute would make allot of very good people very happy, and it sounds like a truly good & right thing to do in this case.

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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4003 3 years ago
Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4004 3 years ago
RIP Gitmo.
this is all a dream we dreamed
one afternoon long ago
Disco Stu
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4008 3 years ago
RIP Gitmo.

Adam Gittman was a Brother and A Friend to many here on the scene.

I've only known the man a couple of years, but have been priveleged to go to a handful of shows with him. On the darkest day, he would contact me out of the ether and say, "We're going to these Furthur Shows!"

So we did indeed go to those shows, and had a great time. Aside from being a Grand Instigator, he was a consummate Fan and critic of the musical genre known as the Grateful Dead.

Of all the people I've encountered in thirty - odd years of this Musical Zoo, Gitmo has been a Huge Standout -- A Giant among Deadheads. He has helped so many people out of jams and rough situations, that volumes could be spoken thereof.

I talked to Adam a couple days ago, and he was somewhere between enthusiastic and Rabid to catch the Southern leg of Furthur Tour... it was his largest goal to make all the shows from Hampton to Boca. Had he lived, that would have been the greatest Musical Excursion of the Spring.

Hundreds of people have been touched by this Gentleman's dedication to the Music. I propose that if not at least the Binghampton Show, that the Southern Leg of Furthur Tour be dedicated to this fine Man, Outstanding Father, and Intrepid Tour Warrior.

RIP Adam.
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4013 3 years ago
Band, this will be a heartfelt thing to do.
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4016 3 years ago
He had a heart bigger than America, and loved the band ferociously. He would probably be embarrassed by the request, all the more reason to consider it. We cant even go, but it would mean a lot to us if it happened.
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4017 3 years ago
There really are no words to convey how deeply this one hits! To some the Philzone is "just" a message board...to many of us, it has been our life-line of sorts! A place to connect to the music that brought us all together, a place where virtual strangers have connected in 3-d...to share in the music, the joy, the ups and downs, the sorrows!

Without the Grateful Dead I would never have grown to love Phil...without Phil, I would never have found the Philzone...without the Philzone, I would never have met Adam Gittman! Adam was one of the kindest people I have been blessed to have known...he was selfless in sharing of himself and lived his life loving unconditionally. He has touched so many lives on so many levels, always with a smile and huge hug!

Please find it in your' hearts to remember in some small way our friend and brother!

Fare Thee Well Adam... Love you more than words can tell~
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4022 3 years ago
I did not know him, but reading thses stories, He Was a Friend of Mine.....

R.I.P. Adam. I hope the band gets wind of this and makes a dedication.
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4081 3 years ago
RIP Adam, peace and healing to those hurt from the loss.
May this Cosmic Charlie campaign be more successful than the last one.
"if you don't like the news go out and make some of your own"
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Re: Dear Phil & Jill....

#4091 3 years ago
Dear Bob,Phil,John,Jeff,Joe, Sunshine & Jeff.

Ditto what everyone else said-Please consider this request.

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