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first Furthur show: 2/19/10

Birthday wish list for july 21 2011

#37886 3 years, 1 month ago
So, its my bday on the 21st at the mansfield show. Ive got really nice seats somewhere in section 6 . I will be 33 and only got to grt to one gd show when I was 16, 6/15/95 high gate,vt. Didnt get back to the scene until othrrones 11/19/2002. I jave a small wish list for the mansfield show:
Wharf rat
Ship of fools
Phil plays the ritter bass and big brown
Me and my uncle
A philo stomp jam
Short set break
Mountain song
Bob wearing short shorts or yoga pants
Bob star/otherone
Full blown tiger melt jam from john
If the shoe fits
Truckin into spanish jam
Man smart woman smarter
Let it grow
Possible covers of jj cales starbound and the beatles helter skelter
Seven hills of gold

Just thought I would ask..... Worth a shot, right?

And thanks for the two amazing shows ive seen so far: 2/19/10 & 7/4/10 see you at the vibes as well on 7/22 (the day aftet my 33rd bd!)
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Re: Birthday wish list for july 21 2011

#37987 3 years ago
That's a list alright , But somehow i don't think we'll see bobby in the "nuthuggers" at all . lol See you there
the highway terror
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we gonna stay here til we soothe our souls

Re: Birthday wish list for july 21 2011

#37989 3 years ago
I hope you get your Birthday Wish, But I wouldn't hold my breath for Little Star.
The G.D. only did it 3 times and Ratdog did it maybe 3 times as well, that is a rare , rare selection
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