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Re: Tom Petty tells Michelle Bach(off)Mann

#38507 3 years ago
neverstop66 wrote:
83msg1sttyme wrote:
all this hate doesnt seem very hippy ,loving family stuff people are always preaching here ,odd

peace, love, and understanding. But only if you agree with their views. Those damn hippies! Now Ron Paul is surely someone we can all get behind. Seriously, politics comes on my tv and my tv changes channels.

ahhhh no. I'd rather smoke crack and become a crack head then get behind the pauls... unless it is a St. Paulie girl... I'm all over those... (hadn't had one in decades actually)... but Paul talks a good talk... keeps talking about ideals... but can't get anyone to back him now... he surely won't be able to get anyone behind him to a) elect him president) and b) actually do anything. He'd be more impotent than John Quincy Adams (read his biography.... Paul would be worse).
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Re: Tom Petty tells Michelle Bach(off)Mann

#38594 3 years ago
or ralph nader
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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