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wow what a wacky dream...

#36688 3 years, 4 months ago
I just dreamed I was at GOTV and first I missed everything and Furthur was on, and there moving all over the park playing on all these different stages and everybody is running around after them following them to different stages. I'm like "what the fuck is going on why are we following them around" - then all the sudden I'm at my house watching it on TV all pissed off. They had roller coaster rides on stage and stuff and then I came on here and posted asking whats going on but I woke up before any responses or anything....

that dream felt so real, and I'm thinking "Bethel didn't even happen yet, what the hell is going on here?" .......I ran into these scummy 'friends' I don't hang with anymore and they were all apolagizing and stuff - they were actually at my house then I like blew em' off or suttin and went upstairs to watch the Vibes hoping they will leave.

that shit was fucked up - sorry for the rant, had to share it .........oh and I just remembered - the karma points were back in my dream to.
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Re: wow what a wacky dream...

#36704 3 years, 3 months ago
Yuck, hate those dreams that don't make sense and make you feel all out of sorts when you wake up! At least you got to see a bit of the show on TV, though!
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Re: wow what a wacky dream...

#36777 3 years, 3 months ago
where's that freud guy when ya need him ?
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Re: wow what a wacky dream...

#36853 3 years, 3 months ago
last night i dreamt that drug dealers staying at my house were squeezing pimples on my back, we were seated in lawn chairs out front having a parley-like, cop cars would drive by & dealers would start squeezing.....i think they were trying to blend into the scenery as cop cars drove by so as not to get questioned and possibly arrested

i chalk this up to 12 spicy tongue tacos i had last night
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