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Re: another huge oil spill in the gulf

#3707 3 years, 7 months ago
"I guess the only positive thing to say is that this is another warning sign, along with the nuclear hell in Japan, that the world MUST adopt a saner energy policy."

I couldn't agree more..what will it finally freakin take to steer us in the direction we have needed to move toward for a long, long time?

Off the Grid is a cool idea, concerts powered by stationary bike riders

If we weren't so damn lazy as a nation and instantly paranoid of anything government related I could almost see issuing free stationary bikes to every house in the country connected to some sort of grid to generate energy and just as importantly, to trim our bulging national waistline and hopefully reduce health costs a tad...we need to be more creative, we're smarter than to this..or are we? Solar power and alternative energy cars built in this country are long overdue ideas that we need to invest in furthur.
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Re: another huge oil spill in the gulf

#4471 3 years, 7 months ago
now they're saying the slick is an Algae Bloom , easily mistaken for an oil slick

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