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#35023 3 years, 4 months ago
my oh my what a night friends!!!! 24 hours ago i woke up, got my shit together, picked up a trunk of 500 GD tapes (thanks matt!) picked upa friend hit the ramble a nd drove straight home, not a wink anywhere in between

my first ramble...

you could feel the special vibes in the air everywhere, being greeted and welcomed by all the staff---"this is your first time?? OH YOU CAME FOR A GOOD ONE!" we had a couple beers in the provided cups smoked some herb enjoyed the beautiful property...people were already lined up ready to get in and doors werent even opening..i saw a friend from tour roll in completely unexpected, couple familiar faces, tons of new---we brought a dish, a caprese salad, just a slice of tomato, slice of fresh mozzerella, basil leaf, cracked pepper/sea salt and olive oil---we put it together on the side of the highway a mile f rom levons we were super self conscious about our dish, i don't know why...wasn't sure what t o expect etc....so we walk up put our stuff on the community table and turn the corner....

so i'm having a smoke outside before showtime, lo and behold russo is milling around i chatted with him briefly he told me he was incredibly stoked to be there for the ramble (his 2nd) and he was extremely happy he was getting to play WITH levon--exact words--great guy got a handshake he even remembered our names at the end of the conversation

well we finally walk in...HOLY SHIT no pictures can show you what this place is REALLY like....it is CLASSIC...so much smaller than i even thought....we had seats most were taken we copped a couple in the very front corner stage left next to the keys/organs/etc...3rd row (last row) so i got to stand and SHAKE MY ASS all night long...everybody was so kind no bullshit no talkers, everyone was there to see the music....

the excitement when the band walked out was intense...larry on guitar of course, russo on drums phil w alks out with grahame and brian and jackie greene slides in on keys...was an interesting lineup, fun as hell...

Cumberland Blues
Chin Up Cheer Up (Larry on pedal steel)
Comes a Time (Neil Young)
Quiet Your Mind
Peggy-o (Larry on Cittern)
Never Satisfied
Uncle John's Band (Larry on mandolin)
Mountains of the Moon (Larry on Bouziki)
Back Down South (Grahame song)
Acadian Driftwood (Larry on fiddle. )
Bird Song (Theresa on lead vocals)
Sigh No More
Mountain Song
I Know You Rider

phil was ecstatic to be doing this he was having a freaking blast, so were his kids...they sounded fantastic vocally, and pretty darn good instrumentally...he mentioned it wasnt quite fathers day but i think that was their communal gift to each other

theresa williams was absolutely stunning as usual (a goddess in my opinion) her vocals, light guitar playing, and general ambiance provided a great angle for both the other musicians as well as herself...she was doing some deep thinking and being blown away by all the solos

set break free to roam around the parking lot grab some more food maybe run into another artist...we just met up with some folks we knew got some food, burned a few...the only downside to the place has got to be the bathrooms...they are like single toilets unisex and its not like the lines were long, just took forever, but in their defense, the sound was fantastic ANYWHERE in the barn..including upstairs in line, and even while in the bathroom taking a leak the sound was fine it was bizarre

did not have to even put anything on our seats to come back to them with no random wooks in them...levons band was incredible...i was totally blown away.. they have a filthy good keys/organ/accordian player i think his name is brain mitchell? very good...they had a small 4 piece horns section a trombone/tuba player (who actually performed tuba solos---my first experience with that!) a killer tenor sax, wild trumpet player, and a soprano/alto sax player..they were just blowin all night long adding such a killer dimension to the music, culminating at one point with them parading around the barn while the band (and them) continued playing...played a lot of tunes i didnt know, but played deep elem blues, attics of my life (with phil on vox) larry did some intense acoustic guitar work, ophelia (the band), lots of random blues, and encored the weight with everyone...at most i think there was like 14-16 people on stage, no one was stepping on anybodys toes....jackie came in periodicially throughout this set and we also saw danny louis from mule do some keys as well as marco benevento

most of this set phil was sitting directly across the room from me watching from the same angle but on the opposite side...he was absolutely loving it, it was heart warming to see phil having so much fun without even having to play..jill was in the house!

i really cannot believe how awesome the rambles are....truly a one of a kind experience well worth the money
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#35025 3 years, 4 months ago
sounds freakin' awesome.sleep before you drive home!
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#35026 3 years, 4 months ago
great review man I'm jelous, sounds like a fantastic time - I just might have to check one out myself sometime regardless of the special guests....

--I always drive home after the show, but never if I'm fucked up - I don't drink though and the mushrooms are always worn off for the drive home ...... saves a lot of money depending where you are when you drive home
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#35027 3 years, 4 months ago
Sounds amazing brother!
.....nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
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More negative karma please =-)


#35033 3 years, 4 months ago
Dude...that sounds sick .lol. Im jelous. =-) Thanks for sharing, man.
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#35052 3 years, 4 months ago
awesome review ,sounds like a great once in a lifetime event
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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#35058 3 years, 4 months ago
sounds like a blast !
were there any recordists present ? streamers ?
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Look at it right!


#35071 3 years, 4 months ago
How cool is that! A night to remember Burt!
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#35101 3 years, 4 months ago
Beautiful, brother! I got chill bumps reading this, thanks for sharing!!!
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#35102 3 years, 4 months ago
It was good seeing you buddy! What a treat it was to witness such talent jamming together in such an intimate setting...
Brian and Graham Lesh were great, its nice to know that they'll be carrying the torch and celebrating their fathers music for years to come! Long live the dead... The vibes were great everyone was so kind rumor has it that Bob will be coming thru to ramble next, at least thats what one of the security cats told me...
Whats up George are you hopping on the bus for fall tour? gonna be cruising out West, I wanna get some solid riders together...
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