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More negative karma please =-)

Re: So.....

#34278 3 years, 4 months ago
PMoondancer wrote:

ok...the houses I had in mind are being foreclosed on and are now longer available for rent. There are two more houses.. I am waiting on word back.

But that's just in our town proper, nearby towns also have similar rents.

You should come up and get a camping spot nearby. Better than a garage in the desert. Perfect weather now, low hassle. You can look around.

We don't have any extra room or a garage and are maxed out on the number of pets. There is also Thursday market in Chico, easy to sell whatever.

Get food stamps if you can. Maybe enroll at Chico state and get student loans. There are jobs around here too.

and if you are at all interested in helping restore a historic tour bus, we could use a little volunteer assist for your life experience.

Still working on it...

Sweet, thnx 4 lookin. I juuussss might camp up there.Not sure when. Things are a little topsyturvy. Actually not in the desert anymore. The chicks garage that im stayin at is in Hawthorne which is over yonder. Bout to take some bus's back to the beach to hang out,take a shower, and spange some more. Might even go for a swim, iono. Its bloody hot. =-) Thats one thing tho, iono how I'd make any scratch if i was campin out there. Do people in that town hire heads? lol Definitely NOT cuttin my freak flag. lol

Now to get my daily bit o nonsense covered. hehehe =-)
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Re: So.....

#34300 3 years, 4 months ago
Chico is still a raging party town.

No need to percieve that you would have to cut your freak flag down.

In the mountains, people are quieter, but accepting of independent minded people. The best of both worlds really.

You will have to visit for a day or two in order to feel it out for yourself.

I am sure you will thrive no matter what.

Well, I have got to get back to work now,

read ya later

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Re: So.....

#34318 3 years, 4 months ago
get a wok and start cooking down at the boardwalk
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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