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Attn. Ticketmaster customers

#329182 4 months, 1 week ago
if your are a ticketmaster regular customer with your email and credit card info in their records, then you must be part of a class action settlement.
plaintiffs claim that some ticket fees are deceptive and misleading. the two parties have reached a settlement which must be approved by the court. ($ 42 Million)

the settlement will give you a small discount on up to 17 tickets plus discounts on UPS which is a part of the lawsuit. they might also make free tickets available on a first come first serve basis. the details are in the email. you have received an email if your part of the lawsuit.

what to do: on June 7th i received the email, it was in the spam box, check your spam box for an email titled:" notice of proposed settlement of class action," mark it as "not a spam", and keep your eyes open for the next email from them for discount or free ticket codes, hopefully we'll get free tickets.
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Re: Attn. Ticketmaster customers

#329243 4 months, 1 week ago
I'm kind of excited about this, especially since it sounds like you don't have to even do anything to get the refund, aside from buy more tickets, as long as you have an active Ticketmaster account. I know it may not be a lot, but with the price of tickets these days, every little bit helps!!
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