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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4316 3 years ago
22 here will be 23 next month so yeah I'm pretty young as well
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Tyler Curtis

Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4358 3 years ago
quomaya2 wrote:
16 year old fan here, been seeing shows since winter 09

Sup man?
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4380 3 years ago
18 here, went to my first ratdog show in 08 and been hooked since. @ DH4Obama, i understand where you are coming from, i have been to shows where ive gotten the vibe that some young heads arent real deadheads and are just there for partying, but there are some that arent like that, just gotta poke around!
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4389 3 years ago
that all depends what your definition of a young furthur fan is..i'm 23 i saw my first phil lesh concert at 15 in 2002. went to about 150 shows between others ones/dead/ratdog/PLF(esp the Q)...furthur came around and i've been to 57 furthur shows now..you make the call..but yes on philzone i am definitely a minority being half the age of most folks on there, but i dig it...some are skeptics about that sort of thing, almost an insecurity issue f or them, especially when you are wayyy on top of your shit..but hey, age is just a number, magic is magic and it is still there
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4399 3 years ago
Very happy to see some young Heads on here than seem to actually give a shit about the music and ahve some real love for the GD family. Definatly warms my soul.
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4413 3 years ago
TylerTerrapinCurtis wrote:
quomaya2 wrote:
16 year old fan here, been seeing shows since winter 09

Sup man?

Just getting ready for Radio City on Saturday. It's my first show this tour, but I can tell they've been on fire, busting out all these great songs like Pride of Cucamonga. I'm pumped
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4433 3 years ago
I'm 21........unemployed since the start of this month and getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail for 1 month after I get back from Hampton, N. Charleston, and ATL......

enough about me........

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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4444 3 years ago
It's grate to see all the new Deadheads on the bus!

Not an age thing at all...its an appreciation for the music, the love and the life!

I laughed earlier in the thread at comments that the older pholks just were not tech saavy because I'm 53 years old, used to run Magnetic Resonance Imaging using DOS commands, learned PEARL, UNIX, published several webpages for myself and others, listen to my music using FLAC and other lossless files and currently run a Nuclear Cardiology Stress lab.

Many of the younger pholks have seen many more shows than I and can quote chapter and verse on almost any aspect of the band or the scene. Even still, I've been a deadhead since the late sixties after first hearing "Morning Dew" on an outlaw radio station.

It's all relative...



whitey-x & evie moonflower
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4642 3 years ago
nice whitey thanks for perspective.. young bucks like me get carried away sometimes

I'm 20, members from my two favorite bands one the same night.. Phil Lesh & Friends, Mardi Gras 2005, with all of Railroad Earth sitting in, seen 40-50 Dead related shows since and 34 or so RRE shows.. been blessed to meet so many grate heads, many older, but some young ones good folk too - what got me thru high school (and drug treatment!) was belief in a community based on respect, love, connection.. but still, was born too late for most of that come to find out.. but didn't miss ALL of it.
now getting to work with old head to sell his memorabilia on ebay, staying connected to the scene thru the older folks who really saw the magic.. it lives on the same, like Bobby said, No need to replace Jerry, he didn't go anywhere .. but Furthur is NOT the grateful dead from what I understand
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Re: Young Furthur Fans

#4643 3 years ago
dagan wrote:
Yep! almost 21 here. I got to see Jerry when he was still around a few times. I'm one of the very few my age who can say that.

You can't tell me you enjoy looking at that derp-face each time you post something. You saw Jerry, you know better.
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