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Re: Hahaha - Pehrson - LOSER!!!!

#325379 5 months ago
\"philisgod\" wrote:
1 - Furthur may be playing at Lockn...but no backup singers.

2 - My disdain for this fucking tool comes from his stupid fucking posts on FB. His holier than thou attitude, running to Bobby and crying like a little fucking bitch when he got flack for his comments about cover bands. How he ran to the interwebs when his girlie dumped his ass...trying to make it sound mutual. Lol....I know differently. Smug fuck he is.

3 - I\\\\\\\'m not Nick.

4 - I did indeed watch the video, although I\\\\\\\'m not sure how it relates to me calling Pehrson a fat ugly fuck. That video takes not into consideration physical attraction...a necessity to any romantic relationship. If it sucks being a fat chic, lose some fucking weight...don\\\\\\\'t blame the guys who don\\\\\\\'t flirt back for your feelings on inequality. You\\\\\\\'re prolly my favorite one here Sue...you seem like a very nice person and I respect you based on your posts. Me....well....let\\\\\\\'s just say I\\\\\\\'m much different in 3D than you could ever imagine.

At least hes no blowin Shapiro like Phil is. And another thing, stop berating women man. I will not stand for it.
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