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Re: NHL 2014

#322994 4 months, 3 weeks ago
It is why fights can change the energy of a game. Or a single big hit can act as big as a goal. Or teams have incredible periods and then come out the next period listless, as if they are a totally different team. Or even explosive shifts and then...poof, gone. Psychology. You would think it would be a less manic game, but it is not because of all the psychology happening. So many small things seem to spike energy and determination. These are adult, professional athletes making a lot of money. You would think they could sustain their own level of play, but they are human. All this other shit plays into what they do and with the level of fervor they do it. It is why I find hockey so interesting and baffling. It is why I like tight games. Those tight ones are when all these fragile mental elements are managed to be kept at bay the most. It is when the psychology is contained and overcome. It is strength of mind more than physical strength.
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