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Keepin’ It Together

#322938 6 months ago
Keepin’ It Together

What I think at night when, finally, I lay down my head
I wonder if it is it ever going to be warm again
Shards of glass on my pillow and nails in my bed
Give reason for redemption and seasons of sensible sin

Never let them see the tears roll down your cheeks
Lest the panel accuse you of being weak
Flying without a life preserver beneath your seat
Ignoring perilous warnings they won’t repeat

The sun is warm today but the breeze remains cool
The tide is rising but surely is bound to fall
I’m just an average and ordinary fool
Entertaining notions that, to some, my words enthrall

Keepin’ it together
I’m just trying to keep it all together

I feel the hands pulling me in every which direction
Weeded out in the process of natural selection
Murmurs of my heart elude the reach of modern medicine
Pings below the ocean evade the limits of our detection

Everything I hear is inflammatory
Just another typical hard luck story
The latest injustice we should be deploring
The simple humanity that should be outpouring

But the impending bad news lurks, a phone call away
As I turn a cracked glass jaw into the wind
When I can’t take the light of another day
Or the impatient glares of people that I offend

Keepin’ it together
I’m just trying to keep it all together

It’s just the story of another day
Wondering when the things will go my way
After all the wistful words I say
Another act in a worn out play

The days of my youth were spent so indiscriminately
Never missing each and every opportunity
To stave off the dreaded inevitability
When we all must face our own mortality

So I’ll use this free pass just one more time
To explain every flaw in me that you find
Giving you a clear and defined warning sign
That this writer is of a questionable mind, and is

Keepin’ it together
I’m just trying to keep it all together

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