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Furthur Web Page

#322759 6 months ago
Im getting sick of looking at Paradise awaits. Maybe we can request them to put something cool up there. Maybe some slides of furthur shows or something.
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Re: Furthur Web Page

#322761 6 months ago
Home Page wall paper idea:

Maybe a slideshow of all the great stage pics that are included / archived with each Set-List thread. Also those Dancin' Skeletons I saw at the end of the couch tour banter during a recent Capitol Theater show was a Stop-Animation at it's best in recent history.
I'll locate that page number and show thread. Man I need to catch-up technology-wise. Your threads are the most interesting to read back and project when listening to a recent Furthur gem.

Cub sez,
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Re: Furthur Web Page

#322765 6 months ago
I just wish they'd fix things and speed the board up.
it just seems like a waste for them to put the time and money into the site just to let it go all to seed.
It doesn't seem like the webmaster does anything any more, Chester is the only one who seems to be doing anything. ( Thanks Chester ! )
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