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Re: phish

#32943 3 years, 4 months ago
i love d zappa as well saw him play nassua LI back in the late 80's i believe
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Re: phish

#32989 3 years, 4 months ago
Killer stream from Camden right now

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Re: phish

#33003 3 years, 4 months ago
Well I just saw them for the first time last Friday at Pine Knob.

I went in with poor expectations, and came away surprised, it was a good show. I had a blast.

Mike Gordons Birthday show.

What I found is when they went into noodle meandering after a minute or so Birthday boy drove into a hard crunchy bass line pull out the stops and the band followed along. A lot to me like when Dave Schools is driving for WSP.

I was surprised, would say they don't suck, and I would go again.

So maybe I had a good night, but it was A-OK.

I'll go again. I won't likely get on an airplane to see them though.

So see them and decide. I don't feel it was wasted time or money.
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Re: phish

#33454 3 years, 4 months ago
So word is our own John K was on hand for the concert last night, and apparently the poor guy's popularity got the best of him. Tried to enjoy a concert with his lady only to receive the attention of a star athlete walking downtown.

Well John, that's what you get for being good But I sure do hope you got to enjoy the show anyway.
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Re: phish

#33593 3 years, 4 months ago
funny you mention that chadwell....my friend sent me this pic he snapped of him and JK in the lot before the show


another friend said he was standing next to him in the lawn for a little while, but he let him listen to the music rather than chat
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Re: phish

#33904 3 years, 4 months ago
^ Haha awesome. Good of your friend to let him be for a bit. Of course, it'd be extremely tempting to at least say hey.

I leave for Alpharetta in 7 hours
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Re: phish

#33917 3 years, 4 months ago
I like Phish I always have. I am 40 yrs old.. I came into dead/wsp/phish/sci all at the same time.. I like it all.

dead and WSP are my favorite.

What I don't like about phish is the fans.. they can really be annoying in many ways.

Its been cool to watch music change from 1990 to now, with all those bands...

amazing really!

Its a fact. Phish has the best most elaborate lighting in the business. Its like being in a coliseum with jolly ranchers being splashed all over the place. Truly its epic.

I wish other bands would put in this kind of lights.. It would be cool.
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Re: phish

#33968 3 years, 4 months ago
I guess it all depends on perspective.

I got into them a little and have seen one really good show out of 3. One good show, one blah show.

Most of my friends like them and the Dead - more favoring the Dead.

It's different music - it's more whacky, weird Gen x related. And the music in composition and lyrics probably makes more sense to people who grew up in the 80's and 90's.

I never liked any of this kind of music till recently - and growing up probably got into punk rock partially because of the sketch kids in my school that loved Phish, dressed like clowns, and gave you the wook stare down in the hallway =).

That said I've run into far sketchier folks at some Furthur shows or festivals Furthur played depending on location, and I prefer Furthur and the Dead any day of the week to Phish. So it's all relative to experience.

The Phish lot vibe in Hartford CT last year is something I really had a great time at. Drum Circles, good food, thoughtful vendors, etc. Last CT Furthur show in March before moving west, had a sketch lot going in comparison. And The Phish Lot in Amherst last year was really dark/sketch with people phishing out, giving you the evil eye and asking for money, etc at MSG for Furthur for my gf's first show she got to see plenty of folks passing out on the side walk, and my parents got a glimpse of that as well. So I call it a tie as far as I can tell in that regard. And other people at all of those listed experiences had a different time. It's all about which group of bozo's you run into or miss as everyone walks around in circles hehe.

I find the music similar to something like Ween in terms of being goofy and at times really out there. I think that gets uncomfortable for some folks. I dig it well enough and some of the shows on this tour have sounded really good to me. It's all different strokes end of day. But there have been a few great moments at some of those shows and I felt like they mixed up the music quite a bit. Which is why some folks I know don't dig it. They want to hear the Dead and that's pretty much it

My Bud has come out to try Furthur and ended up at Snoozer shows, I've gone to a couple Snoozer Phish shows. So I guess you can play the game of "I swear come this time it will be awesome" forever =)
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