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Re: Let's share thoughts/pics of Shoreline

#32909 3 years, 4 months ago
gratefulpanda wrote:
taper.tsquare wrote:
my 1st Furthur shows... last time i saw Phil and Bob it was 17 years ago and the fat man was still alive and kickin'.

i really enjoyed both shows at shoreline, but preferred june 3rd. deal --> other one in the 1st set was quite hot... the cumberland was excellent... and the 2nd set was just splendid... help-->slip-->franklins-->st.stepehen-->eleven to open and playin-->uncle john's-->dew-->uncle john's-->playin reprise to end... that's sweet!

i'm very thankful that the weather held out, but i had my GAKbrella just in case.

i can't say that i came away with the same amazing "exuberance" i had after my first GD show on 10/26/85, but i had a lot of fun and am looking forward to hitting more shows in eugene and monterey.


yes, yes! thanks you Tsquare for putting the show up on Archive so quickly. a really great recording too. i actually prefer aud recordings because i like to actually hear the crowd, and relive the moment being in the crowd. i can close my eyes and feel like i'm there again. i don't want to miss, even a second of the actual show. was wondering two things about that night, regarding your recording. first: did someone bump into your mic at one point? i thought i heard a thud, then a "sorry" from someone. second: did you at all catch bobby messing up and picking up the wrong guitar and not knowing where he was in the set? it was a hilarious moment and everyone down in front, including phil and jeff, were cracking up. do you normally catch those subtleties within the show?

anyway, thanks again. see you furthur on down the road. look forward to more!!

the thud you heard and the subsequent apology i think is on a different recording. i spoke with the taper on the 4th to whom that happened (his name is Matt). he told me that he was recording in the reserved section and had his stand taped to his chair. evidently someone was coming through the row, tripped and bumped into the stand (or perhaps the mic) and then said "sorry". he was a bit bummed about the incident, but on the whole his recording came out great. i taped on the lawn and got a pretty decent recording, but Matt's is definitely better. for those that don't have his version, get it. here is the link at etree... bt.etree.org/details.php?id=545441

regarding Bob picking up the wrong guitar, i'm not sure. the view from the lawn at Shoreline is not great. i did, however, notice the band being totally out of sync at the beginning of Hell in a Bucket. they handled it well (as they always do) and quickly pulled it together for what was a nice version. Bucket used to be a hit or miss opener for the GD, and i think i much prefer it as a set closer.
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