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#315885 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Do you know what you’ve been given
Isn’t it staring you in the face
How far has the ocean risen
Are you ready for someone to take your place

Do you scoff at the clear and present danger
Is your hubris rising to the brim
Are you eager to blame a stranger
Because the forecast is looking grim

Who hath bequeathed you greater freedom
And lifted your spirit when it declined
Are you worthy of the kingdom
The gods have granted to you this time

Though the skies are getting clearer
And the sun shines warmly on your face
There’s a mounting sense of dread of fear
When the darkness extends into the day

Maybe you should pause and breathe
Before you make outrageous claims
Who is it you’re trying to please
And who exactly will you defame

The world is never cut and dried
With absolutes setting the stage
Are you the only one who cries
When the forests are set ablaze

The path ahead is not to be found
On your page of google maps
The narrow streets of this town
Are not disclosed through the latest app

Think before you shoot from the hip
There’s bound to be a ricochet
As the obscenities roll from your lips
When the darkness descends into the day.
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