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Me singing \"Gamorrah\" at open mic

#299657 10 months, 1 week ago
So i was jamming on a sweet Taylor guitar today at guitar center and was singing Gamorrah by JGB.
I enjoy the song and when given the chance, depending on the crowd, love to just belt it out. As i was putting the guitar away, these 2 guys were also jamming. the one was playing a song with the sounds of the allman bros. but it was just his own song...in other words, it sounded really sweet. so i was like, hey that sounds good how you guys doin today(say how dew u dew before weir left behind)...sorry jus kidin.

then they were like, yea was that u in the other room just now singing? and i said yea
well you sounded great they said....wow thanks i appreciate that!
yea we thought it was like the radio or something playin.....Ok, that made me feel nice.
then he said where do u play? i said i dont really at all.
he said what? i host an open mic at the starbucks i work at, its actually tonight you should totally come and play my guitar if u dont have one.
so i went and heres the Gammorrah and a DEAL
i should of played with a pick, have a blister now on my thumb and it culd of bin louder but it sounded pretty good. the mic was set pretty nice. i wanted to go nuts on deal and at the end of gammorah but held back with class it was a coffee joint after all, bunch of high school and college freshman kind of a crowd , but it was definately kind.
jus felt like sharin
thanks for lookin

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Re: Me singing \"Gamorrah\" at open mic

#299683 10 months, 1 week ago
Dude, you're pretty good. How about a sweet Bertha ?
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